Using DIY cleaning spray

Making things at home seems to be all the rage at the moment. From homegrown spices and veggies to homemade soaps and fragrances, it’s a great bandwagon to be jumping on. Learning some new skills and saving some money, whilst doing your bit for the environment, can never be a bad thing really.

That’s why we’ve decided to share our handy little “recipe” for some homemade cleaning spray to use on surfaces and glass around the home.

What you will need:

● A spray bottle (500ml)

● Cooled-down boiled water (500ml)

● Liquid soap (2 teaspoons)

● Scented oil (10–20 drops) (Your choice of scent!)

What to do:

● Start off by getting the soap and oil into the bottle — we’d suggest using a funnel if you want to avoid making a mess.

● Then add in the water on top.

● Shake gently to mix it all together.

● Voila…you’ve got homemade and scented cleaning spray!

Some notes:

We do have to mention that this is still a cleaning product, so please keep it out of the hands and mouths of children and pets. Take care to wear gloves too if you have sensitive skin and remember that some oils are not for use around pregnant women and children, so please be careful.