● Having carpets in your home can make your space feel extra comfy, but it can be a bit of a hassle to keep clean.
● Especially with children and pets, carpets can get dirty very quickly.
● A good vacuum can be enough to get rid of many of the things that a child or pet might drag in from the outdoors.
● However, for some of the more intense stains you will need to use a proper carpet cleaner to pry the stain out of the carpet fibres.
● Many of your off-the-shelf carpet cleaners include chemicals that might affect the smaller members of your household and might even affect the carpet itself if you have something like a shag carpet or a Persian.
● Generic carpet cleaners are designed to get most stains out of a normal carpet, not to be sensitive to children and pets, or to take care with particular materials.
● That’s why we love homemade carpet cleaners which can be changed and perfected to suit your home and your family.

● Two cups of water
● One cup of vinegar
● Two teaspoons of salt
● 10 drops of scented oil (optional)

● Start off by mixing the water and vinegar in the bottle you will be using
● Then add in the salt and mix well again
● Lastly add in whatever scented oil you prefer to leave behind a lovely smell wherever you clean
● Our personal favourite scent for a carpet has to be lavender, which brings a sense of calm to the house.
● For more serious stains, you can also replace the salt with ammonia. However, this cleaner is much stronger, and you should be careful using it around children and animals.

● For even more serious stains, or to help you out, you can always get a professional TIDY app cleaner in to sort your cleaning problems right out.
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